Relay for Life Pageant

Relay for Life Pageant

“Thank you so much for allowing us to use your white columns the night of our pageant. What an awesome night! This was made possible through your kind generosity. Several positive comments were made; ‘Those columns are beautiful on the stage,’; ‘The columns made the stage look elegant.’ We hope to use them again next year! Once again, thank you so much.

“Enclosed you will find a few photos; I hope you can use them on your web page.”

Linda Canady, RN
Relay For Life Pageant, Director

 “The Thomasville Landmarks Annual Picnic was a HUGE success with over 220 people in attendance. We couldn’t have done it without you and we thank you for your support!”

Bonny Bryne
Development Director

“Bryant and Sherry, I cannot say thank you enough for all your hard work! Please call me anytime for a wonderful reference–I will gladly recommend you to anyone! We thank you so much.”

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Thomas